Qingzhou Qihang dredging machinery equipment Co., LTD
Qingzhou Qihang Dredging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a cutter suction dredger, dredging ship, sand pumping ship, dredging ship, chain et dredger, gold mining ship, barge, large mining ship and other special-shaped engineering ship manufacturers, the company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with various scientific research institutes, shipping bureau, ship design units. Our company adhering to the integrity of the enterprise based on this, and with accurate dredging ship, pumping sand barge market positioning, good technical strength to establish and stabilize the company in the dredger, pumping sand barge market voice, so that my company produced cutter suction dredger equipment exported to all over the world, The company's after-sales department has been rigorous service attitude for customers to solve the dredger, pumping sand in the use of the problem, for customers to solve the worries, by the customer's praise, for the company's pumping sand, dredger market development has laid a solid foundation.